4 Out Of 10 Audits Are Deficient!

We've recently released the Third Edition of our comprehensive eBook, Learn from PCAOB Inspection Reports - Your Prescription for Better Audits. Updated for the 2017 inspection reports, it also includes valuable insights from former PCAOB inspection leaders, Helen Munter and John Fiebig now with ADIGEO LLC.

We published this eBook to help auditors:

  • Learn from PCAOB inspection findings,
  • Improve audit training,
  • Prevent recurring audit deficiencies, and
  • Strengthen the quality of your audits.

Click here for a preview of the Preface, Executive Summary and Table of Contents.


"If you are a preparer, auditor, audit committee member, or regulator, this eBook is a great resource to help you understand today's audit environment and support the performance of better audits.

              - John Fiebig


Download the latest edition of our free eBook to avoid recurring deficiencies and perform better audits!