Spice up Your eLearning With These Five Interactions!

GAAP_Dynamics_eLearning_Interaction_Examples.pngLet’s face it, eLearning can be boring! Especially the kind CPAs have been force fed for years. You know the type – slide-drives, all reading, or, worse yet, the dreaded talking head. Stop the nonsense!

Spice up your eLearning experience with these examples of participant interactions:

  • Explainer video providing an overview of matrix pricing
  • Drag and drop exercise supporting the need for a valuation allowance
  • Scenario-based case study calculating asset retirement obligations
  • Sliders assessing risk for the valuation assertion
  • Markers providing more information within financial statements

Life’s too short for boring online training. Spice things up with GAAP Dynamics and change the way you train!

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