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Investment companies are unique…and so is their accounting! Finding high-quality, engaging, and relevant training on ASC 946 is hard! No worries. We've got you covered!

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Need to understand the unique accounting and reporting requirements for investments companies under ASC 946? Check out our full-suite of CPE-eligible training courses specifically designed for the investment management industry and start learning today.

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ASC 946: Definition of an Investment Company

ASC 946 prescribes special accounting for investment companies. But what types of entities qualify as investment companies? That's what we discuss in this course!

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ASC 946: Schedule of Investments (SOI) Considerations

Investment companies have unique financial reporting requirements under ASC 946. This course focuses on the requirements for the Schedule of Investments (SOI).

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Fair Value: Restrictions on the Sale of Assets

This course discusses how the definition of fair value and concepts within ASC 820 Fair Value Measurements should be applied to an asset that has restrictions on its sale.